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Swarn Sanskar

Swarn Prashan Sanskar with 40 MG gold Ash Each 10 ML.

Kumkumadi Tailam

Authentic Saffron Infused Kumkumadi Face Oil

Original Shilajit Resin

Pure Himalayan Shilajeet Resin with 85% Fulvic Acid

Natural Skin Care Range

Weight Management Products

Digestive Care

Daily Nutrition


Sukhayubhava Inst-o-Charge

Rs. 624.11 Rs. 799.00


Sukhayubhava Ashwagandha Capsule

Rs. 356.25 Rs. 449.00


Sukhayubhava Shilajit Plus Capsule

Rs. 534.82 Rs. 999.00

Mind Relaxant

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Sahil Grover

Swarn Sanskar

As parents deeply invested in our children's well-being, we were searching for a natural and effective way to boost their immunity and overall health. That's when we discovered Sukhayubhava Swarn Sanskar, and it has become a game-changer in our family's wellness routine.


Kumkumadi Tailam

Sukhayu is one of my favorite brand, I love love love the serum, it leaves an shine on my face only two pumps of the product are enough for one time, its consistency is perfect, I think this would suit all skin types. It gives skin a glowing finish.

Anuradha Chaudhry

Swarn Sanskar

Dr. Garima Swarn Sanskar improves physical health and boosts immunity. Trustable brand and really good for kids.


Mohak Golden Glow Serum

Great serum for glowing skin. It has some amazing natural ingredients to rejuvenate your skin. It has 24K gold ash,provides instant glow and fades dark spots.

Sudhanshu katiyar

Shilajit Resin

I'm taking it from last 1 week. And feel the results in my body . It boots my strength & stamina. I feel energetic everytime. Good results in 1 week .