The Divine Truth

Yog means to unite. Mind, body and soul with the Divine. Chances are some of us are aware of this definition yet are oblivious of its need and impact in our lives in the true sense. The majority is however aware but still chooses to hide behind the bushes of daily grind and excuses. A fraction has made sincere efforts and are on the path of leading a happy and blissful life. In order to inspire everyone and make them realize why Yoga is absolutely imperative for all of us, Sukhayubhava has taken progressive steps to simplify yoga and blend it with the goodness of Ayurveda. Yes It is an integral part of the healthy science Ayurveda.

In the Ayurveda scriptures, Yoga is defined as “YOGA CHITTA VRITTI NIRODHA”…meaning IT IS THE ABSENCE OF CONCISE DISTURBANCE. The cobwebs of thoughts translates into diseases and gets stored in our mind and body as disturbances. Yoga helps in clearing all cobwebs thus simplifying our thoughts and eliminating diseases from the roots thus uniting Mind, Body and Soul with the Divine.
Panchsattvas: To release these distributions, and be DIS-EASE-FREE few rules have to be followed sincerly and with discipline.

Body must be purified

The ego/Ahankar must be dissolved and strengthened

Intelligence/bhuddhi must be
reoriented and sharpened

Mind/Manas and senses must be
controlled and internalized

Consciousness must be calmed and emptied

The Ancient Yogi Gift

The powerful Yoga teachings inscribed by the elusive ancient yogis are more than a gift for the mankind. This gift is no secret and has been one of the cornerstones that has made Yoga as the strongest edifice of eternal health all over the world. Sukhayu Bhava proudly present you the gift of ashtangyoga. i.e. 8 limbs of yoga.

Ethical foundation : rules of right living

  • Yama – rules of social conduct.
  • Niyama – rules of personal conduct.

Outer aids : creating passage for inner self

  • Asanas – Physical postures, right orientation of physical body.
  • Pranayam – Control in breath, right use of vital force
  • Pratyahar – Control of mind and senses

Inner aids : become one with object of our awareness

  • Dharana –Concentration, or control of attention
  • Dhyana – meditation , right reflection
  • Samadhi – absorption, right union

Thus practicing yoga is very beneficial for complete health. It helps body cells to rejuvenate, by clearing energy blockages. While doing yoga, person should be very cautious about the right way of doing and right choice of asana according to his physical condition, because some asanas and pranayam are contraindicated in some diseases and may cause reverse effect. It is strongly advised to do yoga under trained practitioner guidance. For attaining back your natural health, peace of mind and happiness its best to come back to nature, just RELEASE your dis-ease, RELAX your mind & ENJOY your life. At Sukhayubhava care, we create your personalized program to help you to follow the ashtang yog in your way. As you everyone is different and we respect the uniqueness.

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Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment

Satisfied Patients

Thousands of experiences after treatment