Daiv-Vyapashraya Chikitsa

Daiv-vyapashraya Chikitsa (For Soul)

This treatment was done for karmaj vyadhi (diseases causing because of karma)

The treatment which involves mantra, aushadhi, mani, mangal, bali, uphar, hom, niyam, upvas, swastyan,
pranipaat, ganam etc. is daiv vyapashraya chikitsa.


Mantra is the chanting of high frequency word or combination of rhythmic words which has power to change the vibrations of mind & body, enhance the energy flow to heal body at cellular level & relax mind by flipping unwholesome thoughts to positivity, thus cure the disease.

Aushadhi Dharna (Wear medicinal herb):

Every medicinal herb have its own healing energy, there healing power can be enhanced by positive intention & channelizing divine energy to it.

”E.g. camphor is worn on arm for prevention of any infection. Similarly to heal, to cure or to prevent from different diseases different medicinal herbs are used which has power to create positive aura around the body & also healing within the body.”

Mani (Gems):

Like Aushadhi , every Gem & crystal is having its own energy. These gems or crystals are worn on arm, as a necklace or any other part to heal particular disease or any life condition, it is also wore to neutralize or enhance ant planetary effect also.

Bali (Sacrifice):

Mangal bali is Sacrifice made with an intention to cure any disease (physical or psychological). The intention made make the changes in internal thoughts thus changes body frequency from diseased state to healthy state.

Uphar (Gifting):

Uphar given to needy or ishta God with pure heart enhances internal happiness thus speed up the process of healing.

Hom (Yajanaya):

While performing Hom, medicinal herbs are presented to Yajanya fire, along with powerful mantras which purifies the atmosphere, enhances positivity, thus brings remarkable positive difference in body & enhances peace, positivity & happiness in mind.

Niyam (Self discipline):

As per the anshtang yoga Niyam should be followed. Niyam is planned regimen for self which includes all the measures of self control & surrendering to divine. This sattvik lifestyle life style is the key to healthy Mind and body & also spiritual evolution.

Prashchit (Atonement of sins):

To take full responsibility of self deeds & getting indulge in spiritual discipline, to wash of sins done in past or present & seek forgiveness to let self free.

Upvas (Fasting):

Upvas is fasting on any desire, food or any of the 5 senses. It develops self control.


Swastivachan (holy talks) listening holy words & saying holy words (like –Sukhayubhava, hari om etc ), releases sadness, enhances motivation & zeal to live.

Pranipat (To bow):

Pranam (bow) to guru (spiritual teacher), God will looses self ego to control, enhances the feeling of surrenderance thus channelize dive energy to heal.

Gaman (Travel):

Travel to to change external environment, as changes makes a difference, that’s why in ancient times people use to travel bare foot to any divine temple to heal there disease. While Bare foot walk, sukshma chakras (acupressure points) in foot gets activated and cure body & also mental diseases.

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Daiv-Vyaparshraya Chikitsa


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